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Q: How do I find out more about the land trust?


A: A good first step is to attend one of our quarterly orientation meetings at Uniondale Library, which provide an overview of the model and the organization. The next meeting is scheduled for March – keep an eye on this website and our Facebook page to stay up to date. At the orientation meeting, you can sign up to become a member. Annual dues are $10 per household, and all members of a household can become members of the land trust.

Q: This is exciting! How do I become more involved and contribute to U-CLT’s work?


A: After becoming a member, the next step is to attend one of the monthly Board meetings, which are always open to members. Board meetings are held at 1pm on the second Saturday of the month, or when the second weekend is a holiday, on the third weekend of the month.

U-CLT’s committees are our organization’s backbone, and are essential to the group’s work. They include committees that focus on seeking new properties, design and renovation, membership and outreach, fundraising, and finances. Whatever your strengths and interests, you will find opportunities to contribute to a grassroots, community-driven organization.

We also welcome donations, which can be made directly to the organization through our Paypal account.


Q: How do I buy a U-CLT home?


A: We are in the process of renovating our first house at 774 Macon Place, and will soon open applications to purchase the home. Additionally, we hope to acquire at least one more property by the end of 2019. You can stay up to date on our progress by checking on this page, liking us on Facebook, and signing up for our mailing list at an orientation session.

Q: Can I become involved in U-CLT’s work and apply to buy a home?


A: Yes! In fact, one of the organization’s goals is to involve all U-CLT homeowners as members of the organization. Eventually, several positions on the Board will “convert” to CLT homeowner positions.

More questions? E-mail us at [info (at)].

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